Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ipoh Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant

Ipoh Foh San dim sum was very famous for it's dim sum. Recently, they had expanded their business. A bigger place to accomodate more people. Which means more money for the boss. Hehe.. :P

My big brother was back from KL on Saturday and he suggested to try out the new place. I heard that it was hard to get a place if went there late. So, we woke up at 5.45am and prepared ourselves. Reached there by 6.25am and we saw a lot of people were waiting at the entrance. My gosh!! Is that real? Yeah..that's real. Haha. :)

Then restaurant starts their business at 6.30am. So, we went in and i'm amused with the decoration. Outside was so beautiful with all the lights (still dark when we arrived). It was like a fine dining restaurant. The interior design was like Hong Kong style with retro feels. ;)

Very comfortable I would say. After we settle down, I notice that the had a very pretty and retro style for breakfast. I like that very much. But in terms of service, I would rate it 5/10. Don't expect a 5 star service at here. Hehe. But overall, I would recommend for a 'fine' dim sum breakfast for everyone who can afford (price is 5 star price). ;P

Once in a blue moon, it is a great breakfast. For me, it wouldnt be my choice for daily breakfast. Haha. :P

Nice retro style..

Self service counter for porridge and chee cheong fun...

Main entrance and cashier counter...

View from outside...

Char siew pau..loh mai kai...:P

Actually I got a few more pictures but lost it somewhere. Haha. But if you really want to try out this Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant, go there, and you can enjoy it. Hehe.