Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Creative way to placed a speed trap camera

I just received a mail from a friend regarding this. The mail says that these green trash bin look a like thingy was actually a speed trap camera. The camera was installed in it. It was located at USM (Penang) area and Bayan Lepas area. I don't know how true it is. Maybe some Penangites friends would shed some lights on this. :)

Our traffic police team were getting more creative nowadays. Please take a careful look around when you driving around the neighbourhood. Hehe...:P

Green trash bin?

A closer look

OMG...A speed trap camera in it?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Incentive for Old Cars to be Scrapped

Tuesday February 24, 2009
MAA backs cash incentive
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) supports the proposal for the RM5,000 payment as an incentive for old cars to be scrapped but hopes the Government will fund the programme.
“This proposal is not new. The industry suggested this before but the Government felt then that it did not have the necessary funds and asked the industry to come up with the RM5,000 on their own,” said MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad.
Aishah said the only company undertaking this programme was Proton. Proton’s programme is called Proton XChange and started in February last year.
Proton will take old cars of any make – as long as they are registered in Malaysia with a valid road tax, in working condition and fully paid for.
In return, the car owner will get a RM5,000 voucher to buy a new Proton Savvy, Gen-2, Satria Neo or Perdana. Aishah said if the scrapping policy was included in the mini-budget, then it ought to be extended to all makes to better stimulate the automotive industry.
She was commenting on the statement by International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that the proposal had been submitted as a package to be included in the mini-budget.
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association president Khoo Kah Jin said the scrapping policy should also allow the RM5,000 incentive to be transferred from the owner to another person.
He added the other important consideration was how to make the scrapping process eco-friendly.

Article taken from The Star

What's wrong with these peoples mind? Do they think everyone was as rich as they were? Think about this...if I can only afford to buy 1 car, I would choose a relatively cheap and low maintainance type. So, I would opt for a 8 years old car and take a small amount of loan which I could settle it by 4 years time so that I can have extra cash for my kids when they grown up and go for school. By the time my debts finished, my car would be 12 years old.

If the plan works, then, I would be in debt 'again'. I have to 'trade in' my car for a RM 5,000 discount for a new car as my old junk need to be scrapped. I have to take a loan which I guess will amount to RM 20K at least.

In summary, we will be 'slave' for loans. Our entire life will be dedicated to work , and earn money just to pay for the car.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Suspension system

It's time for suspension upgrade. I've been surveying the market for new and second hand unit. But after getting inputs from friends, need to minus out second hand unit choice. Second hand unit need to depend on your luck and expertise when checking for leaking. Quite tough for me, I guess. :P

So, according to my tight budget, GAB Adjustable Suspension SS Series was the best choice. There's opinion says that this is not a good suspension. On the other hand, some people who use this said that it was a great damper. It had a high/low and soft/hard adjustment. It was a full adjustable suspension set.

As for me, I never try this suspension before. So, why not? I will let everyone know the result after fixed it. :)

According to track racer, this suspension set was not suitable for track use. But for normal driving, it is very good indeed. Well, let's try the product and review it. Or else, we won't know forever. Right? :P

New SS series in the box

Opening up the box

The full set

I will get this fixed to my ride on Saturday. I will post the review after i get to ride on it. Hehe...:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Simota Air Intake Piping - DIY Install

For the past few days, I kept searching the Internet for a good deal for air intake piping set. Found some aluminium normal piping but I wanted a 'whale penis'. That's what people calls it. :P

Then, found a place at Ipoh (my hometown) which selling it at a very attractive price. So, I went to the shop to have a look. When I asked the person in charge, which I thought was 1 of the boss there, he told me a price which is different from the advertisement. Way too high and with the same amount of money, I could get a carbon fibre 'whale penis' air intake. So, I told him that what I saw in the Net was different and he said that time was promotion price. What a great excuse. Then, I made a curious and thinking look. He saw me and he offered the same price as the advertisement, just for me (the last unit). Yahoo...immediately I said deal and I bought it.

Below are the steps that I took to fix it to my car. ;)

Tools need :
1) Phillips screwdriver
2) Spanner size 10

The stock air intake.

Open up the top cover. You can see the filter in it.

At the side, there are a few screws that you need to loosen to take out the bottom part of the box.

At the throttle body, loosen the clip that hold the piping. Then, pull it out carefully.

The whole set of stock air intake system. :P

The complete set of 'whale penis' air intake. :)

The manual. Always read the manual (if there is) before starts you work.

Put the clips to the place. The air filter and big to small connector (to join the pipe to throttle body)

Since everything came off, take the opportunity to clean your throttle body. Just wipe with cloth or add some solvent if needed.

Attach the connector to throttle body. Place the screw of the clip at a reachable area. Tighten the screw.

Then, attach the pipe (whale penis) and tighten the clip's screw.

Install the air filter and hand tight the clip. Later need to add the bracket to hold the pipe staticly.

Place the bracket under the clip and tighten it. The other end of the bracket goes to the chasis. Unscrew 1 of the screw and lock it tight.

The outcome. Gorgeous? I think so..haha..:)

After all installation done, start the car and check for any air leaking. Check for the intake performance as well to see if it is working perfectly. :)

Then, I brought the car for a test drive. Really impresive. The response are better and the sound when the Vtec 'kicks in' are much more louder. I like that sound a lot. Haha...:P

It is really worth it after all the pros that I gained. I hope my car did not run too lean. But the next step is to get an AFC to tune everything. ;)

SO4 Boss Kit- DIY Install

Earlier when I changed the steering, I noticed that the boss kit had cracked. Due to safety concern, I tried to get a replacement for it. Quite hard to get what I wished for. I thought getting a fully aluminium and higher type of boss kit. Saw an advertisement online and it was stated that 'fully aluminium'. I was so happy and bought it. When the part arrived, I was so dissapointed bcoz it was not fully aluminium. It was just steel with chrome finished at top part and the bottom part was the same material as normal boss kit. WTF...:(

Then, I just had to leave my wish behind and get a replacement boss kit as soon as possible due to safety concern. So, I bought a normal boss kit.

Here below, I listed out the steps by steps for all of you if you wish to change the boss kit on your own. :P

Tools needed :
1) a 'T' wrench size 19 ( you can get it at the back of your car, if your car have it)
2) Allen key
3) Phillip screwdriver

Make sure the wheels are in a straight line (not the steering wheel). Open up whatever covered the screws. But don't loosen the screws yet.

Use the screwdriver and slowly pry out the button horn.

Unplug the horn wire, use the 'T' wrench size 19 to unscrew the center nut. Use your imagination on how to hold the steering or ask someone to help you. :P

This is how the boss kit looks like. :)

The cracked line. (Top view)

Another view of cracked line. (side view)

Then, just open up all the screws on the steering wheel with the Allen key. Install the new boss kit to the steering shaft and hand tight the center nut. Then, put the steering wheel at the boss kit and aligned as center as possible and fasten the screws. Then, tighten the center nut with the appropriate force. Reattach the button horn wire and install it back to the center hole. Test the horn if it is functioning well.

The result

Bring your car for a straight line test. Just make the car go in straight, and see what's the position of the steering wheel. It must be align properly with the wheels. If it didn't suit you, redo everything. :P

After a few times doing it, you will be like a profesional trained mechanic. :)