Monday, March 2, 2009

GAB SS Series Adjustable

On Saturday, the suspension system of my car had been upgraded. GAB SS Series Adjustable for my ride. :P

Below are the process. :)

Front installation in progress

After installation.

Rear installation


The whole process took about 2 and a half hours. All the neccessary measurement had been done by the 'expert'. Hehe...:)

The height of the car was reduced by 1 and a half inches. This will gives a lower graviti point for the whole car. Which is good. :P Now have to be extra careful and slower when sees bump or holes. :(

After done the installation, it's time for the result and adjustment. The cornering 'feel' was great. Not much body roll when you take a fast corner. This means I can have a better confidence for every corner that I take in fast speed...I guess. :P

I can say that it is not too hard when goes into bumps. Considerably comfortable.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with these set of suspension. Very good for street use but not for track use (expert says so). :P