Friday, December 26, 2008

SO4 / EK4 Auto Flip Side Mirror

Since long time ago, I wished that my ride can be fitted with auto flip side mirror. But sadly, the previous 2 rides that I owned can not use it. This time, my ride can installed these side mirrors.

Few days ago, I went to chop shop and look for the side mirrors. I found a pair which look nice. It comes with relay and switch (full set). After made the payment, I took the mirrors back and when I tested it, the right side not functioning. *sigh* Yeah, I know..I should had tested it at the shop. :P

So, I went back to the shop and requested for a replacement. The shop agreed to change it for me. The next day, I received the replacement. I was surprised that the color did not match with the left side. But, I thought, it's ok..I'll paint the car sooner or later. then, the 2nd surprise happened. I noticed that it is not the same car model. The left side is SO4 and the right side is SO3. The length and the curvy area were not the same also. But anyway, I tested it again. OMG..the same thing happened again. It is not working..again. So, I went back to made another replacement.

This time, I told the shop that they gave the wrong model to me. But they insisted that it was the same. How can it be the same? 1 long and 1 short. He said that it can be installedto the car. I told them that I knew that it can be installed, but do they give me warranty that water won't go in? They kept quiet for a while. Then I continued and ask if they buy a pair of ear phone, would they accept if it is not the same size? They were dumbfounded. At last, the boss said she'll replace it. Thank god.

After a few hours, finally, I received the side mirrors. Although it was not the same color, but it's ok. I can accept that. This time, all working fine. What a day. So, next if you guys wants to buy something, make sure you test at the shop. Check everything and make sure it is ok before you leave. This can save a lot of your time and petrol. :P

Full set

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ip Man - Movie review

Theatrical release poster

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, and the best way (economically) to spend the night was to watch a movie. Just my point of view as now the economy is not in a good condition. Just gather with friends, have a drink and watch a movie. To me, that's good enough. Of course you can opt to share the day with family which I strongly recommend. :D

Well, I watched Ip Man yesterday with the gang. To be honest, this movie was definitely not suitable for kids as all the action was so real and violence. I must comment all the people who made this movie. It was a good movie with a strong story line and action.

The movie is based on true story of the Grandmaster Ip Man. He was the person who responsible in making Wing Chun (one of the Chinese kung fu style) popular and famous. Grandmaster Ip Man was the Master of the famous kung fu actor, Bruce Lee. The whole movie was about how Ip Man saved the dignity of the Chinese people when they were bullied by the Japanese. Full of action and Wing Chun style kung fu plus other kung fu style also. Ip Man was a man who had lots of patience. He respect his wife to the top of the line. Maybe some will called it 'afraid of wife'. But I very much agree with Ip Man saying that that's call 'respect', not 'afraid'. He used his kung fu skill brilliantly. He did not show off and look for fights everywhere. But when his own friends and people got bullied by other people, he would lent his 'fists' for them. To know how the whole story goes..go get a ticket and enjoy it. :P

This movie had taught me a lot valuable lessons that can help me improve myself which I will try to adopt. We are all human beings, don't bully other people. We must help each other in our life. Have lots of patience in everything we do and be optimistics. We can survive if we try our best to do so. Don't be arrogant in everything we do. Be humble all the time. Put up a simple smile for our loved ones even we are too tired to do so coz with 1 simple smile, can make the whole day better for them. Always respect your wife, girlfriend or girl / woman. Respect everyone that come across us. That's the most important. ;)

The whole movie had a lots of element in it. Funny dialogue, valuable lessons of life, action, kung fu, history and lots more.

Bravo to the production team and casts of Ip Man. Great movie...:)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holiday!!!

Here, I would like to wish everyone around the world...

I wish for world peace and everyone's healthy. Enjoy everyday!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Recaro - Love at first sight...

Ever experience love at first sight? I bet almost all of us had that kind of feeling for at least once. You would know when it happens. The heart beats stronger and faster. You feel excited and anxious. Yeah...that kind of feelings. From that point, you knew, that is the one that you want. :D

When I'm browsing through the Internet, I found a dealer that specialize in Honda parts. Interior, exterior, engine parts and used car parts. You can find almost everything by Honda. But of course, it is not from Malaysia. I think it is from US as it is dealing with US Dollar. Hehe..:P

While I browsing the webpage, suddenly my heart stopped. Then, it beats harder and stronger...just like the love at first sight feeling. I saw a beautiful (not girl) seats. Really match to what I want for my ride. These will definitely be in my list for the ride. I will try my best to find it around town. I really hope I can get a good deal for this beauty. Can't stop looking at the picture. Haha...;p

The beauty..

Friday, December 19, 2008

4-1 or 4-2-1 extractor?

In the afternoon, I went to the 'specialist' workshop. I thought just went there to have a look to see if I has the luck to learn anything new. When I reached the workshop, he was busy doing his work. I saw a couple of MIVEC in the workshop. One of them was having an engine oil change and the other 1 was 'stripped' off. The 'stripped' MIVEC was changing the cam. I went to the back and saw the faulty cam. It was full of sludge. I wonder if the owner ever change engine oil. :P

Then, there's a Perdana waiting to change gear box. Don't have the chance to ask a lot about it. All of a sudden, 'specialist' came and told me that he has a 4-1 Type R extractor. I was wondering if there is any Type R Honda comes with 4-1 extractor. I thought all came with a 4-2-1 extractor. Maybe this is made for Type R engine. Well, it can be fitted to my Vtec, I supposed. Hehe..;D

He said that 4-1 will release all the power that the engine manage to produce. I wonder how? But I really interested in this extractor. Maybe I'll just install it, a couple of days later. I did not take any picture. There will be pictures if I install the 4-1 Type R extractor. Hehe..:P

Some info on tyres..

A couple of days ago, 1 of my friend pop up a question to me. When he started the question, I was dumb founded. I was thinking..'Why he ask such a basic question that every driver should know?'. Then I realized that, some people just 'drive' car. The only things that they knew was..pump petrol, start the engine, press the fuel pedal and the car runs. Whenever they faced car break down or any sound, send it to the specialist. Some don't even know that the engine oil need to be changed. OMG. Don't laugh so hard..this is true. I met with this 'person' before. :P is some basic knowledge of how to read the tyre. The size, width, height and etc about tyres.

Starts with this.

The code.

If you want to know about the details, go to You can find most of the informations about car there. Enjoy...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Transporter 3 - movie review

Theatrical release poster

It's been quite some time I didn't get the chance to catch any movie. Kind a 'busy' or you may call it lazy. He..he..:P

Yesterday night joined the gang for a movie. Transporter 3. Before the movie starts, the mind starts to pop up questions. 'How's the movie compare to the previous?'. 'Worth it or not to watch?'. 'How big the action would be?'. And lots more.

The movie, sure lots of action. Real 'fast' action. Lots of fighting scene and the most thrilling part was car chasing. For car lovers, you will be amused and maybe some will find it hard to believe. Haha..:D

It's all about a guy who needs to deliver a 'package'. This time, he got caught in the middle of his own 'rules'. He need to break all (almost) the rules that he had set for himself as a transporter. Lots of action...and got great body muscle and nice girl figure too. Got some romantic and kissing scene. Go watch it for the rest of the story. Hehe..;p in the movie. To be frank, I'm wondering if this movie was an advertisement for Audi (Jason Statham used a Audi till the end of the movie). He never changed car coz 'something' tied him to it. Back to the was a great car. Now I know that. Haha..:)

This Audi had started to appear to be a personal car for Frank Martin, so, a transmitter had been installed to 'tied' him to the car. A bomb at the wrist. The 'vroomm' sound of the was so nice and furious. I must compliment a few things here. This Audi were 'scratch proof', 'bullet proof', 'dent proof', 'shock proof', 'water proof', 'puncture proof' and engine is 'stall proof'. Haha..what a perfect car. I did not extravagate or boast you all. This movie featuring an Audi with all the 'proof' I mentioned. I want that car badly. Can save a lot of costs. Haha..:P

Forgot to mention that the tyre was real good too. But I couldn't catch what brand was that. It had a real good grip when you needed it.

Go watch this movie and you will know that I didn't lie to you all. ;D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

First service...???

Days when I can not earn money will be the days that I can not save money. How? You can’t get it? Hehe..let me explain.

Days that I can’t earn money will be the off / rest days. So, got lots of free time to spend. Then, the brain will start to spin faster and creates a lot of desires. Haha..then my wallet will be emptied to fulfill the desires. ‘those’ desire. Desire to own a great ‘feel’ ride.

I went to the workshop for service. Since this is a used car, so, it needs a check up by the ‘specialist’. Need to change engine oil, oil filter and bla bla bla…

At early morning 0815, I reached the workshop. Need to wait for 15 minutes as the ‘specialist’ had a major ‘operation’ till late night yesterday (according to him). It is ok with me coz I had used to be early. He..he.

After the car went into ‘operation room’, the ‘heart’ was the 1st thing to open. To check the timing belt, the top cover need to be opened as the side cover was attached together with the top cover. By open up the top cover, we can check the cam shaft and other parts condition as well.

Top cover opened.

Upon checking, the timing belt needs to be replaced. Currently using ‘no brand’ timing belt. ‘Specialist’ recommended for original Honda belt. Checks continue..water pump looks and sounds not so good. It is advisable to change it to save 1 time labour cost. Other than that, everything seems to be fine. So, parts were ordered. Timing belt and water pump need to be removed. When they removing parts by parts, I was like OMG..still can’t get the timing belt out. The procedures were just too many. Engine mounting, power steering pump, side covers and etc. Not an easy task dude. After the timing belt removed, the new parts had not arrived yet. In the mean time, the other ‘specialist’ was kind enough to clean all the dirty parts which need to use. Top cover, side cover, screws, engine mounting bracket and etc.

Parts arrived.

Timing belt B16A 98

Imitation water pump (can see the NPW?)

Original Vtec water pump (the logo has wings) :D

After all the parts checked, installation begins. 1st the water pump. Easy task for the ‘specialist’. :P
Next will be the timing belt. This task has a certain degree of difficulties. Hehe. You need to align the belt. Precision matters here.

After all done, side covers and top cover mounted to the place as it should be. Then engine oil to be changed. Fully synthetic will go in. After all checking done, we go for a ride to test the car. Smoother and more responsive I would say. Nice job done here.

When back to the workshop, pop up the hood, and saw some water marks. The radiator started to give some hints. It would be the next mod. Need to find a larger and better radiator. :P

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Amazing picture..

As I was browsing through my emails, I found this mail that really amazing. So, I thought of sharing it out.

Below picture has 2 faces of very popular and famous person. If you look at the picture at a close distance, you will see Albert Einstein. But if you stand for about 3 to 5 meters away from the picture, you will see Marilyn Monroe. Try it out and let me know the result. I had tried a lot of times and I did saw both famous person.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sneak peep of the new ride..

Well, today can publish more than 1 is a miracle indeed. Hehe..:P

Ok, this post will gives everyone a sneak peep of the new ride I had chosen for the ultimate goal. Maybe you can guess the ride. I'm sure everyone will get the answer correctly. I'll keep on updating the progress till the ultimate goal has achieve (I hope so..hehe..). So, hang on there and follow up patiently. :)

Toyota Vios - Makeup car..

Here start the story of a makeup car. Before I found the car that I want to, I had surveyed around and on the internet for the best look (bodykits) for it. And I found it. It was stunning and I like that a lot. Oops..forgotten to tell you guys that I want to get a Toyota Vios.

This is the model which I will follow. Hehe..saw this pic on 1 of the famous car mod website.

After I get the Vios, the first thing that I changed was the rims. I get a set of 16 inch, 11 spokes rims to replace the stock 15 inch rims.

Rims replacement on the way...

Next, I go around town to get the bodykits that I want. Found it at last, and I requested that no holes for my car when putting all the bodykits.

At the workshop...

Start changing...

After done...without paint and grille..

After all mounted up on the car, now it is time to get it painted. Found a guy to do this job with the minimum pay. Really cheap if compare to outside as he is my friend's friend. Haha..:P

Before paint...ugly!!!

After paint...nice!!!

Next thing is to remove the catalytic. This will gives my ride a better performance. I had consulted my friend who is keen into car performance. He is an enthusiast in motoring sports. :)

I replaced the middle exhaust (with catalytic) and muffler to a one set middle exhaust custom designed for Vios (without catalytic) and a 'S' flow muffler. No picture snapped that time. :(

After done, the pick up and overall performance was better. Very satisfying indeed. But missed out 1 thing. Open pod air filter. But I'm not too into open pod, so, the alternative would be drop in air filter. I chose the famous brand and I'm very satisfied with the results.

Stabilizer bar can not be left out. This time I chose to use a 4 point stabilizer bar for better handling. With some touch up on the outlook, then all done. But something was missing. Oh..the smoked head lamp. Surveyed on the Internet, not cheap dude. Then I search for DIY instead. Aha..there's and can be DIYed. Good...

It is a very simple process. You just need to heat up the glue that joints the front transparent case and the back case. Then, covered up all the place that you don't want to 'smoke'. I used flat black color to get a better result. Then, use silicone glue to glued the transparent cover and back case back together. is very exhausting indeed. But very satisfying after you saw your effort and the effect.

All open up and covered, waiting to be 'smoke'...

End results..

And the final appearance would be as below..


When my working hours finished, I took my ride home. On the way, my right foot was feeling so 'heavy'. So, the ride moves faster. Hehe..:P

It was raining, so the road was a bit slipery. At far, I saw a few bikes stopped and gathered at the same spot. In my mind, I thought that maybe there was a bike that having some issue. So, I just continued with my ride. When passed the group of bikes, I saw an image of a Vios back light. I pressed hard on the brakes. Just thought that want to have a look. It is really a Vios that plunged to the side of the road and dive to the bushes (quite deep).

That car must be too fast and out of control (understeer). Since that car was on the other side of the road, I can't offer my help (it is raining). And my position was too far to snap a picture. :(

So guys, don't speed if the road is slipery. Stay safe and be careful. :P

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I had said before that I'll show my steps to mod a makeup car (kereta solek). Well, before I start to tell stories, I thought maybe I can start from the beginning. I'll start with my first car.

My very first car which fully support by myself was a Proton Iswara LMSS. Maybe a lot of people out there won't notice or bothered about the model of our local made car. It's ok. Just keep scrolling and you will find some image to make yourself more clear about this car. :P

This is LMSS. All bodykits comes from factory. :P

I had added a vacumn gauge meter to this ride. I don't have any picture of that time coz I haven't start blogging. :P

After 3 months riding this machine, I decided to improve the driving stability of this ride. Hence, I added on a stabilizer bar and change all springs to sport springs. These springs lowered the car by one and a half to 2 inches. With this minor changes, I could felt that when cornering, it had a better handling compare to previously. Really satisfying. This is a really good car (in its own category of course). :)

And after 3 years++ riding on this machine, I had an accident for the first time. As a result, I had to replace the front head lamp, front hood and side panel. And not forget, new painting.

Looks like not a very bad damage?

This is the car that I 'kissed'. Hehe..

The bumper almost dropped..

How bad was the damage? You decide..:P

After all the repairs done, I decided to upgrade my ride. I will upgrade to the car that I 'kissed' before. Haha..a Toyota Vios. :P

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mission Accomplished..

After 2 days of running around the town, finally, everything had been settled. This means that I had got myself the Honda Civic. :P

When I got this ride, I'm not quite sure about the pros and cons of it. So, I decided to have a little fun. I just press and see what I can get from it. Great..nice feel. The day started to rain heavily. I rushed to my friends place. Chat for a while and he was admiring the ride.

The next day, I took the ride to the workshop to have a minor post mortem. Checked all the oils that need for this machine. Found out that engine oil not enough, power steering oil less than the minimum line (can't believe this), no windscreen splash water and some dents all around the body. So, I just add whatever that is not enough and I thought the windscreen splash will work after I added water. I was so dissapointed when I tried to press the splash. Nothing shoots out. :(

And I noticed that the radiator area had some water marks. Suspected that the radiator had leakage. Add up water into radiator and let the engine run. Found out that it had a minor leak at the radiator cap area. Will fix it when I send the whole car to the experts. :)

Here I have some advice for all readers. If you want to get a second car, be prepare to put in some effort and money after you get the car. If not, just get yourself a brand new car. :P

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unproductive day..but yet gained a lot

For the past 2 days, it is an unproductive days for me. This means that whatever I did for the past 2 days, I did not gain any profit (financial wise). :P

But I found a lot of experience and things that I wish to achieve. After I finished my work for the day, I only had 2 hours of sleep. I was awaken by the ringing phone of mine. I pick up the phone in a semi conscious state. It was my friend and he told me that he found a car that suits my criteria for getting a car. I was like..OMG..really can get?!!!

So, with the speed of light, I bring myself up and went to my friend's place to pick him up and dashed to the location of that car. When I saw that car, I was astonished. Is this for real? I'm getting an engine that worth a few thousand in the car that I wanted? That means I'm going to save a lot of money this time. I was so excited. In my heart, I had made my mind that this is the one. I would not let it go. Although the outer view is not so good, but it is acceptable. So, my friend request to have a ride on it. Not bad at all. Great car.

Now, another dilemma is on me. My curent ride. How much I can trade this car? So, after evaluated by an 'expert' in second hand deal, he could only offered a price that I can't accept. Oh, what a disappointing moment. Since it is almost time for lunch, I suggested to everyone to go for lunch and decide everything after lunch. That's the deal. When I'm having my lunch, I was thinking how to get a better price. No luck at all..another disappointing moment whereby I can't get a better price. So, just forget it and took lunch.

After lunch, and a little bit of grandma stories, I sent my friend back to his place. Then I went from bank to bank, hopefully to get a better deal for the loan interest. But failed. So, I just prepared the deposit for that car and sell of my current ride in a very bad offer.

When I reached the destination, I was like no mood. Then, I found the owner and told him that we should arrange all the necessary procedure for his car. Then, to my surprise, he told me that he need to look for a ride because his dream ride were gone. So, someone suggested him to take my ride instead. He asked about the price and I gave him the min price of my choice. He didn't bargain at all. I guess it is a good price.'s my lucky day today. Without delay, I signed all the documents and we talk business about me being the seller this time. He..he.

He agreed with the price and took my keys for a ride. He seems to be very satisfied the ride. That's a good sign. And that's wraps up the deal and the day. It was a great and lucky day for me. I got a good deal car that I wanted and I get a min price for my current ride!!!

Now, everything is under process and hopefully all goes smoothly. In 2 or 3 days later, I will own a Honda Civic EJ7 with the heart of B16A. I know it is not a very proud thing but I'm just happy that everything went under estimation. It is a good thing. Hooraay!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The very first post...

From this point starts, I can tell people that I have a blog. Hooray..

So, this is the very first post but I'm still noobs in blogging. Well..everything will have a starting point, right?

Today I went around town to choose a car. I plan to mod a car in performance wise. But, the problem is my knowledge in performance of engine are so shallow. I think that I just need to learn and mod at the same time. :P

Before this, I'm just into exterior mod. Some people will call it Makeup Car (Kereta Solek). To me, it's a way to express your imagination and creativity towards the exterior look of your car. Maybe some people will think that it's a waste of money to mod a car without having any horsepower increase. Well..everybody have their point of view. :)

I'll try to gather all the steps and things that I had done to mod my current ride. But just not today. Maybe I'll feature some of my friends cars in future too.

So,...sit tight. Cheers.