Monday, April 26, 2010

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Went to Poon's Photo on Saturday and got this lens for my new toy. This is the cheapest lens from Canon. It's a prime lens best suits for potrait photos. Will upload some photos in my photography blog with this lens soon after I got the chance to play with it. :)

No more budget for next month. :(

Check Engine Light On

Well, it's been awhile since the last post. :P
A few weeks back, I was running my ride without vTec function. It's because everytime vTec engaged, this 'check engine' light will appears in the meter panel. It's very frustrating to off and restart the car everytime this pop up. When this light came out, it surely something is not right.

Last week I sent my ride to my mechanic Mr C for check up. He tried to get the diagnostic data from the ECU but failed. Looks like some wiring messed up during engine swap by the previous owner. ;P

Well, Mr C opened his 'secret manual'. Hehe. Then he tapped on directly from the ECU socket to get the data. Problems found. There were 2 issues. Load error and VTEC solenoid valve error. I started to smell money flying away now. :(

For load error, most probably due to wiring issue. Can't do anything much. Had to live with it untill can find a part that was missing.

For the VTEC solenoid valve error, Mr C swapped it with 1 of his 'collection' of VTEC engines. Just the valve only. ;P

After the swap, I test run my ride and engaged with the vTec as many time as I can. After 6 times, the same problem pop up again. :(

Went back into workshop, and Mr C reset the ECU and touch up a bit the wirings. Then he asked me to hop in. Problem SOLVED. Unbelievable. Then he swapped the VTEC solenoid valve with my original valve. I tested it again. No more light popping up. :)

Till today, I still can't figure out what went wrong. Maybe some loosen socket gave a wrong signal to the ECU. Not too sure. But anyway, now I'm happy to vTec-ing my ride. Haha. :D