Saturday, February 27, 2010

Canon EOS 1000D with kit lens

Got a new toy for a new year. Hehe. :)

There will be another blog relating to my journey into photography. ;P


Canon EOS 1000D

After much information form the net, 1000D is a good gear for beginner like me. It was the cheapest DSLR for entry-level. Hehe. :P

For information about this gear, follow this link - Canon EOS 1000D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

I would like to wish everyone in the world...

Happy Chinese New Year

(graphic courtesy from Princess Bumblebee)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Puma Drift Cat II

This is one of the stuff for my Chinese New Year celebration from Princess Bumblebee. Hehe. :P

Drift Cat II

Monday, February 1, 2010

B18CR S80 Gearbox 4.4fd LSD

After more than a year hardship, finally I managed to save enough $$$ for a auto-manual conversion. ;P

I asked Master Chung to look for a nice and suitable gearbox for my ride. Frankly, I'm attracted to B16B (S4C) EK9 gearbox. 4.4fd with helical LSD. That's really nice. ;)

1 day, Master Chung called me and told me that he saw a nice gearbox laying on the floor at halfcut shop. He asked if I'm interested to get it. I thaught I would be getting an EK9 gearbox. But he told it was S80 B18CR gearbox. I was shocked. I asked myself, should I take it? Well, my mouth faster than my mind, a yes just pop out from my mouth. Hehe. :D

Then a day after that, I went to his shop to have the 1st look at the gearbox. It doesn't look good from outside, but the inner parts were so clean and nice. Then I got a lesson from Master Chung. ;)

He agreed to take out the inner parts to check everything internally. And some cosmectic work need to be done. The gearbox housing is going to get a nice and smooth polishing till it shines. Haha.

Just got it...


nice? dirty? bad? ;P





smooth and nice



enough shines?

better than just got it..hehe..
Now the quest to get all the parts for the conversion is going real fast. But the ship from Japan was too slow. Haiz. ;P
Hopefully can get some good news from Master Chung soon. Till then...stay tune. Haha. :)