Monday, November 9, 2009

Go Kart @ Sunway Extreme Park, Ipoh

Last Saturday, I had invited some of the guys to have some fun at the new Go Kart track at Sunway Extreme Park in Ipoh. I went to the track last week to get the first experience of go-karting with Sifu Chung and Malat but it was raining that day. So, I managed to get a sneak preview of the car. Quite new and nice. So I decided to ask everyone to have fun there. :)

When reached the track, there was dark cloud in the sky. Doesn't look good but the track was very dry due to it was very hot in the evening. Nice timing, I was telling myself. I just wish they would come early a bit so that I can have my first ever go-kart experience. Hehe.. :P

After waiting for some time, the sky had turn dark. I was like 'argh..can't play again?' :(

But, there is always hope. Koh arrived just in time. I told Koh to get his helmet and we should go without waiting. Later if Vincent arrived, and IF the weather is nice, then we can ride again. ;)

So, we went in the track and WOT our heart out. Haha. I was like oversteering all the time. And Koh was just too fast. Hehe. I was lucky that he didn't hit me when I oversteered. He was a great driver. Hehe..respect . :)

After 3 laps, the rain started to pour. Well, the last 3 laps would be 'drifting' go-kart experience. Haha. At least I know what was oversteered and drifting was about. Haha.. :P

Anyway, I had so much fun that day. I'm sure there will be a 2nd visit to this track. Hehe ;)

Vincent came after the rain started, so we just 'talk cock' at the pit stop. He said he will play on Sunday. Hehe. Private practise. Haha...:)

Well, below are some shots of the car and track. Thanks to Princess Bumblebee for being a photographer that day. Hehe.. ;)

Nice seat and handling..

Front view..

Small but fast..

Lots of cars waiting to be occupied..:)

Koh finished 1st..bravo..hehe..

Ready for action..

My 1st go-karting..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mean Machines 2009 at Auto City, Juru, Penang

It's been quite sometime since I blogged. :) Well, this weekend, I visited the Mean Machines 2009 at Penang. It was a car and motorsport show event where you can see lots of car and motorcycle enthusiasts. You can see lots of modified cars, classic cars, mini bike, classic motorbikes (kapchai) and models. :P

We started the journey after breakfast at about 10.00 am. It was a relax and beautiful journey towards Penang. On the way, we enjoyed the songs from the CD. ;)

Just before reach Juru tol, we were caught in the middle of the traffic jam. We were so eager to know what had happened. The outcome, a lorry carrying small rocks had overturned. A 2 lane highway had became single lane and every car slow down to catch a glimpse of what happened (including me). Hehe.. :)

Well, scroll down for pictures of the events. Hehe.. ;P

Nice Smart4two..

Fully loaded with superb ICE..

The only GTR R35..

Nice posing?.. hehe..

The best looking Savvy I ever seen..

Nice job done by Savvy Owners Club (SAVOC)

Looks familiar? Hehe..engine is old, but ICE is cool..

Dare to drive the 'bulls'???

The best translated as "Car Modifying Is Not A Guilt"...

Drift car..

A great collection of classic car..

Nice bimmer???

This is older than me..haha..

Nice TD...

For Satria Neo proud..

R3 track car secrets revealed???

Saw lots of Transformer there...

Interior of a modified 350Z

Mini Red Bull???

Nice airbrush technics...

Wonder what is his origin???

See that tubes? Who knows what's it's function???

Nice rojak..haha. Try to guess what it's origin...

Malaysians are full of ideas and creativity..


Nice color...

Don't ya wish ya Wira looks like this...


Nice decorated bimmer...

Super GT...

Japan Police guys sent their representatives..

Well, there you have it. A short summary of Mean Machines 2009. Lots of fun and nice journey. Hehe.. :P

Thanks to Princess Bumblebee for all the pictures. :)