Friday, May 1, 2009

EJ7 - Paint Job 3 - Final Outcome

Finally, after a long wait for the outlook changing of my ride, the outcome was superb. After some minor touch up, everything was great. I'm 100% satisfied with the result. :)

The clear coat was great and very 'reflective'. Haha. And the color of the 'white' was in my expectations. For the price I paid, I got this outcome and lots of extra work that I requested, I a real satisfied customer of this workshop. :P

If anyone would like to have a quotation for their ride for car painting, you may drop me a mail and I will send you the contact number. ;)

Back view

side front view

How's the reflectiveness? Smooth enough? Hehe..

Another back view

Front view with smoked head lamp

As you can see, I got the headlamp smoked. It looks cool. If anyone wants to get their headlamp smoked, send me an email. I can get you an attractive price. Hehe. ;P