Monday, April 20, 2009

EJ7 - Paint Job 2

After a week, went to the paint shop to get a sneak peak of my ride. When I reached there after work, the car still in the painting room. I saw my friend still doing his job restlessly. A big applause to him. :P

From a tiny small glass window, I snapped some pictures of my ride. He had been treating my ride for the whole day. I can see that he had put in a lot of efforts in my car. Champion White had stick up to my car. What a view. Haha..:)

Enjoy some sneak of the new look of my ride. I'll update again when the right time comes. Hehe..;)

Back view in painting room

Another back view..:P

He is working hard..:)

Front view after out from the room

Another front view..;)

Keep on follow my blog if you want to see the end result of the complete new look of my ride. Hahaha...:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

EJ7 - Paint Job

It's been quite long after the last post in my blog. Sorry about that. :P

Ok..let's update my ride status. Hehe. I had sent my car to the paint shop last week but my friend was just too busy to start the work. That's ok with me coz I want a good quality paint job. He started to take off the old layer paint which spoiled on Tuesday. When I went over yesterday, he had done up all the patch up job and repaired all the dents. Just minor dents. All 3 main surface that will face the sun everyday will be given an undercoat. :)

Below pics shows all. ;p

Rear bonnet and patch up everything

Minor dents that patched. :)

Blind? Where's my 'Big Eyes"?


Close up eveything...

I'll keep updating this, but be patience as I could only update on Saturday. :P