Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cold Air Intake - DIY

It's been long since I last updated my blog. My apologies. Hehe. :P

Well, yesterday I was on 'compulsary leave' made by my company. Since I did not upgrade or mod anything recently, I thought of DIY a Cold Air Intake (CAI) to get more cold air. Not sure if there is any differences but...well, just do it. Hehe..:)

In the morning, I went to Dunrite, an accessories shop at Falim, Ipoh. This shop has variety of performance parts and the price is reasonable too. So, I got this good deal for approximately 1 meter CAI hose with nice blue colored aluminium mouth.

1 meter CAI

I had seen people made a hole at the side at the bottom of the bumper to fit in CAI. According to some research, that area has a very high pressured. So, the air is better. I'm not planning to do so coz I don't want to cut hole at my bumper. :P

So, I stationed my CAI at the front area of the bumper. Need some time and thinking to put the 3 inch hose into that area. But I made it too.

mouth at the front bumper

Closer look - next to spotlight

After a day of installation, I felt that my ride had a better response. but I think it is just my imagination. Without dyno, nothing can be sure. :P