Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unproductive day..but yet gained a lot

For the past 2 days, it is an unproductive days for me. This means that whatever I did for the past 2 days, I did not gain any profit (financial wise). :P

But I found a lot of experience and things that I wish to achieve. After I finished my work for the day, I only had 2 hours of sleep. I was awaken by the ringing phone of mine. I pick up the phone in a semi conscious state. It was my friend and he told me that he found a car that suits my criteria for getting a car. I was like..OMG..really can get?!!!

So, with the speed of light, I bring myself up and went to my friend's place to pick him up and dashed to the location of that car. When I saw that car, I was astonished. Is this for real? I'm getting an engine that worth a few thousand in the car that I wanted? That means I'm going to save a lot of money this time. I was so excited. In my heart, I had made my mind that this is the one. I would not let it go. Although the outer view is not so good, but it is acceptable. So, my friend request to have a ride on it. Not bad at all. Great car.

Now, another dilemma is on me. My curent ride. How much I can trade this car? So, after evaluated by an 'expert' in second hand deal, he could only offered a price that I can't accept. Oh, what a disappointing moment. Since it is almost time for lunch, I suggested to everyone to go for lunch and decide everything after lunch. That's the deal. When I'm having my lunch, I was thinking how to get a better price. No luck at all..another disappointing moment whereby I can't get a better price. So, just forget it and took lunch.

After lunch, and a little bit of grandma stories, I sent my friend back to his place. Then I went from bank to bank, hopefully to get a better deal for the loan interest. But failed. So, I just prepared the deposit for that car and sell of my current ride in a very bad offer.

When I reached the destination, I was like no mood. Then, I found the owner and told him that we should arrange all the necessary procedure for his car. Then, to my surprise, he told me that he need to look for a ride because his dream ride were gone. So, someone suggested him to take my ride instead. He asked about the price and I gave him the min price of my choice. He didn't bargain at all. I guess it is a good price.'s my lucky day today. Without delay, I signed all the documents and we talk business about me being the seller this time. He..he.

He agreed with the price and took my keys for a ride. He seems to be very satisfied the ride. That's a good sign. And that's wraps up the deal and the day. It was a great and lucky day for me. I got a good deal car that I wanted and I get a min price for my current ride!!!

Now, everything is under process and hopefully all goes smoothly. In 2 or 3 days later, I will own a Honda Civic EJ7 with the heart of B16A. I know it is not a very proud thing but I'm just happy that everything went under estimation. It is a good thing. Hooraay!!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The very first post...

From this point starts, I can tell people that I have a blog. Hooray..

So, this is the very first post but I'm still noobs in blogging. Well..everything will have a starting point, right?

Today I went around town to choose a car. I plan to mod a car in performance wise. But, the problem is my knowledge in performance of engine are so shallow. I think that I just need to learn and mod at the same time. :P

Before this, I'm just into exterior mod. Some people will call it Makeup Car (Kereta Solek). To me, it's a way to express your imagination and creativity towards the exterior look of your car. Maybe some people will think that it's a waste of money to mod a car without having any horsepower increase. Well..everybody have their point of view. :)

I'll try to gather all the steps and things that I had done to mod my current ride. But just not today. Maybe I'll feature some of my friends cars in future too.

So,...sit tight. Cheers.