Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yokohama Parada Spec 2

Saturday had been an unlucky day. I got 'something' pierced into my tyre. I guess it happened when I went to my friends garage. A lot small sharp pieces on the floor. What an unlucky day. But after a short thought, I felt that it was a lucky day instead. :P. Coz it happened on my off day. So, I can get replacement for the tyres without taking any leave. Hehehe..;)

How nasty...

Another view...

The culprit...

So, I called up a tyre service center recommended by my friend. It's BH Tyre Service Center located at Silibin main road. He said that place got the cheapest tyre in town. When I enquired for Bridgestone RE001, it was sold out. New stock will only arrive on the next month. :(. Then I asked for Yokohama Advan Neova AD07. Same answer. What a day. :( Then I decided to go over that shop and have a look.

The shop owner was a friendly guy. He recommended Michellin Preceda and Yokohama Parada (not Prada). I thought of getting an used tire just to wait for RE001 the next month but too bad, he don't sell any used tyre. Then I take a look at Parada. It looks ok. But I don't know about the performance. I asked the boss, but you know the answer, right? :P. Of course the boss will say good. Hehe. :)

Well, since the price was ok, I just grab it. Just try it out and see how good it is. ;P

All rims out and prepare for a new set of Yokohama Parada..

The tyre thread looks...

Yokohama Parada Spec 2 195/50/15

All done...

Looks ok?

After the new set of tyres, wheel alignment, I went for a test drive. I make a rough and fast cornering and it feels good. I can feel the tyres gripping hard on the road. I think it worth the price. Maybe it loose to Advan Neova. to compare? I don't have the cash for another set of Advan Neova for comparison. :P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Service - Lubricants change

When I stared at my speedometer, I realized that it is time for routine service. It was time to change engine lubricants oil, oil filter and some minor checking on all the fluids. So, I went to 'specialist' workshop on Monday (schedule leave). When I reached the shop in the morning, Choong was attending a Kelisa. I was surprised coz I didn't see any of his helper. Then I got to know that his apprentice was on half day leave. :P

This means Choong need to attend every patient. Haha. So, he was busy with the Kelisa. Fan belt and engine oil change, break fluid change and ATF lubricants too ( is an auto transmission :P). On the queue was a guy name 'Pok'. That's how Choong pronounce. Hehe.

This guy brought the Putra (Prince) with Evo2 transplant. Turbo monster. Sorry, but I didn't took any pics. Hehe.. :)
Everything seems perfect but the windows. It was not tinted. Haha. :P I was so jealous when he told me that the Recaro bucket seat was given by his friend. Yup...FOC. :(
His ride had some 'tap' 'tap' sound when engine started. Choong suspected the wiring giving some errors. After the Kelisa out from the pit, my ride was next coz my ride just need to change engine oil. Putra need to wait a little longer. Hehe. ;)

As normal, I used Top 1 Fully Synthetic engine oil. A bit costly but it can preserved the engine better. Hehe. After done, just before I wanted to leave the pit, Choong called me and he said he got 'nice' stuff. Haha. He showed me a set of Ultra Blue 8mm plug cable. Originally from Japan. He offered a very reasonable price which I was so tempted. Haha. :P.
I just can't resists, and I asked him to fix it ASAP.

Then I started to 'feel' the differences. I had a vacumn meter in board. It was useful. I made a comparison and I noticed a better FC. I don't know how accurate this is, but at least I know my ride was lighter and throttle was lighter. Hahaha...:)
I will try to compare the FC when I fill my ride's tank up next time. For now, pics says a thousand words. ;)

Silicone plug cable

Ultra BP Silicone Power Plug Wire...8mm...Made in Japan...*drooling*

Fixed to the ride..hehe...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Perak Drift Show

On Sunday, we went to Ipoh Stadium to catch the Perak Drift Show. Well...quite a show that we catched. :P Most of the cars were from 70s or 80s. These cars fit in just nice for drifting. With some engine mods, hell yeah and you are good to drift. Hehe...:)

Below pics are some of the action at the venue. Just stayed there for a while and browse through all the 'pit stops'. ;)

AE86 on side way action...


Really? :P

No front bumper=faster?

No match for AE86



Battle of the old timers...hehe..


Silvia kind a afraid of scratches to the car. Hehe...

Old skool battle...

Old but still drifting...hehe..


After the drifting show, 2 bikers show off some bike stunt. Quite interesting to see some 'talent'. Hehe...:P

Getting started..

Bike drift..

Without rear fender, it's easier for a wheelie..

After the bike show, we decided to leave the arena. Before that, we went in to the 'pit stop' to have a glance on the machines. Hehe...:)
Here is 1 of my friend's friend. He used to hang out at my friend's workshop. Seems like he had done an engine transplant to his favorite machine. Nice huh? ;)

Imported accessories...

Engine transplant?

Then we headed our way to had lunch...late lunch I guess. Hehe...:P
Credit to Ms BumbleBee. Thanks for all the nice pics. :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

B16A Exhaust Header Upgrades

It was Monday, my company 'gives' us a day leave. So, I went to exhaust shop to do some upgrade. It's been long since I didn't upgrade my ride. Hehe.. :)

This shop recommended by Vincent (a fast VTEC driver). Haha. He just upgraded his extractor. He got himself a 4-1 extractor. Wow..getting more HP now. Hehe..;)

I went to the same shop and asked for a 4-1 extractor for my ride. The boss showed me a stainless steel 4-1. Damn nice and pretty. As I wanted to say yes, put it on...he said that my ride not so suitable to fit this in. It will make my ride more sluggish. My ride is B16A auto. Then he recommended to use 4-2-1 with a 2" piping plus a bullet. The previous owner had used a smaller piping and normal bullet.

So, the full package is 4-2-1 plus 2" piping and an Apexi Motorsport bullet (stainless steel wool, can withstand 1000C). I wonder if there is an Apexi Motorsport...hmm? The brand is not the point, it is the quality that matters the most. Hehe :)

stainless steel 4-1...not for me :(

4-2-1...for me now :P

muffler?'s a center bullet..;)

Apexi Motorsport? Hehe..1000C

dismantling everything...hehe

done..for the 4-2-1 only

I forgot to take picture of the whole set after done. Sorry..but I'll add in later. Hehe..:)

I will update on the performance and 'feel' after these upgrades. But it's only in my point of view. Hehe ;P

Filter Box - DIY

I had done this DIY 2 weeks ago. But I did not manage to post it coz too busy with my work.

Since changed to whale penis type air filter, no box was able to fit this ernomous size thing. Haha.. :P

So, I decided to DIY a box just to cover up and block some hot air from the engine. I hope it will gives a louder sound when VTEC kicks in. Hehe.. ;)

Measure and cut


The results is...the VTEC sound really louder than previously. Maybe i will find a filter box that can suits in so that the roar is louder. Hahaha..:)